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As with most Americans, I spend my days running around, multi-tasking, taking care of myself and others.  However, I have one difference.   I was diagnosed many years ago with fibromyalgia - a syndrome that causes wide spread muscle pain - most days I suffer with bone deep tiredness and aching, aching muscles.   Doctors recommended massage therapy but I was unable to find a massage therapist for years.  I knew Beth McCance from Helping Hands Massage before she even started her massage training.   When she looked for training "subjects", I quickly raised my hand.   Since those training days, she has become my  NECESSITY,  an absolute PRIORITY in my life.  I arrive at her calming domain, close my eyes and prepare for a total ME time.  During my first massage session, I was concerned with my privacy and feeling comfortable.  Beth is 100% devoted to making me feel comfortable and relaxed and gives me every minute (plus more) of my allotted time.  One of the first questions at each session (and there are many) - "Ok, what are we working on today" and that's just what she does. There have been some sessions that I actually fell asleep and did a little snoring.  Others are real work sessions on muscles in real need of attention.     


Regardless of the session, I always leave my "ME" time feeling GREAT and looking forward to my next week "ME" time.

Becky Lewis





I have been going to Beth for massages for the past couple of years and her sessions are superior to those I’ve had in the past.  When you first see her, you might think her petite size would be a hindrance.  Never fear, those “Helping Hands” and arms are powerful and, at the same time, relaxing and comforting.  The tension of sitting at a computer all day is quickly relieved by a visit to Beth.

Beth loves what she does and that is very apparent during her sessions.  She gives 100% to each of her clients and makes each feel special.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Beth as “your” massage therapist.

Cheryl Peebles

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