About the Practitioner

Beth McCance
Certified Massage Therapist
2008 Graduate of Natural Touch School of Massage Therapy, Blairs, VA

I had a variety of office jobs throughout my adult life & made a good living, but felt unfulfilled. I wanted to work for myself & to do something good for people, not just for a company.

My Dad was a florist, so my memories of delivering flowers & seeing the recipient's face light up have stuck with me. Having received regular massages for several years, I knew the benefits from personal experience. I wanted to make others feel that good.

In addition, I had always been interested in health, especially natural approaches. The massage profession is one that promotes health, both spiritual & physical well-being, so it was a perfect fit for me. As soon as I started school, I knew I had found the right path.

I have received so much support from my family & friends & am truly grateful.